Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remove virus with the "attrib-h-r-s

Maybe you never have a problem with a virus from flash (FD), which make the data you lost. The problem may be like this, so enter the FD, you are Klick folder, hold computer data and traffic jams you all missing (hidden). Do not be confused, it is all a result of the virus called classic but bothersomeautorun.inf or his brother or his brother boot.exe again msvdm.dll.

Actual data that you do lose, only to-hidden by the virus. Well, so do not
first panic, there is a solution ...Here I will share a little how to anticipate the virus before, so it will not enter and damage the PC or data on the FD you. Simple fact is, you simply program a command prompt (cmd) and use the attrib (attributes) that I have you on the OS. OK go, about how well

1. Anticipating the first, when you enter the FD menu will appear bid "would be opened up what you FD, or the bid was not in the select, cancel it! Because, as you choose / open the folder from the menu, it automatically is in the FD Klick or open. Instead of the virus will cause it to work.

2. Once you cancel, simply open the command prompt program. How easy it is, select Start -> select run -> type cmd -> OK. After that you will go to black screen with a blinking cursor.

3. Continue, go to the FD, or you go into the room you FD. Before you first must know you are on the FD alphabetical order of what the PC hardware? Whether E, F, H, I, A ff. You can be tough with the alphabet to explore My Computer "but remember, not to the FD-Klick you see only its alphabet. Assume you FD alphabetical order I. Way into the FD you type i: -> or I enter: -> enter. Large alphabet is not so small problem.

4. After that, it will appear i: \> sign that you have a space to open a FD without you or to Klick it. Attrib command from here we can play. Next, type attrib -> enter to display the files that are free outside of the folder. So eg you save the files that you can input to the folder, then the function will appear.

5. After that, the series will appear the names of the files with extension. Well, from here the existence of the virus that can be tracked. We can track whether a file is virus or not with the characteristics of:

a. SHR have any posts in front of the filename. Ex SHR autorun.inf. This file does not ever feel we save, then this could be a virus

b. Extensi form. Exe. MS Word file Suppose we initially doc dot (. Doc) so dot exe (. Exe). So it can be ascertained as the virus infected files or viruses.

c. And files with the name of the other foreign or strange, I feel that we never keep.

6. After that, the next step is a system of SHR. Because, if not eliminated SHR system first, then the file can be deleted. How type attrib-h -r-s (attrib-h-r-s) -> enter. The order may be reversed, I should h-ahead, it's up to. Function of the system will remove the hidden, read-only and super hidden files before you free

7. Then type attrib again, to check whether the system has now been lost SHR or not! If the SHR is lost, it means that the virus is ready we destroyed, but not if means can be a PC or laptop you have been infected by the virus.

8. But, if I can or SHR lost, then delete the steps can be executed. Easy way: type del eg (del msvdm.dll). Or more easily type in: del type the first alphabet "m" from the name of the file you , automatically displays the name of the file you are full. After that enter. For example del autorun.inf -> enter.

Do the same on other files that you are a virus.


Then from there, can be 75% FD you ever safe from the virus. Over how they can use for the males pake antivirus. Or for those not satisfied with the use antivirus.

Congratulations ....... Hopefully Successful Testing ...


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